Nappy rash

Nappy rash (napkin dermatitis)

Red and raw, sore and itchy – most babies will get nappy rash at some point or other. Nappy rash is usually caused by baby’s skin being left in contact with wet or soiled nappies for long periods of time.

If the normal prevention and treatment of nappy rash is not working, your doctor may recommend the use of a cream such as Sigmacort.

Nappy rash is a form of irritant contact dermatitis, and is where delicate baby skin is damaged by the moisture and other chemicals from urine and poo (faeces) and the rubbing of nappies. This type of dermatitis can also affect older children and adults if they have a problem with incontinence.

Typically, the skin in the nappy area appears red, there may be spots or blisters or even raw patches (ulcers). The rash can spread up towards the tummy and along the buttocks and can be sore or itchy when wiped or when urine comes into contact with it — which understandably makes the baby unsettled or irritable.

How to treat nappy rash?

Treatment and prevention of nappy rash includes keeping your child’s skin clean and dry, changing nappies frequently and using a nappy rash cream or a barrier cream. Disposable nappies tend to absorb urine better than cloth ones, which helps keep the skin dry.

If your baby’s nappy rash is severe or does not improve after about a week you should see your doctor — they will be able to help you with what is causing your child’s rash and recommend the appropriate treatment.

The rash may require a topical corticosteroid, such as Sigmacort, to help with the inflammation and redness, or have become infected and require another type of treatment. Sigmacort should only be used on your child on the advice of your doctor.

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