sigmacort ointment

Why choose 
Sigmacort ointment?

Sigmacort 1% ointment contains 10 mg/g hydrocortisone acetate in a paraffin base.

Ointments are thicker, greasier and more lubricating than creams

  • They help seal the skin allowing the corticosteroid to be more easily absorbed — making it stronger than the cream version
  • Have a moisturising effect and are useful for treating very dry and thickened skin
  • Contain no preservatives, so are less irritating and ideal for sensitive skin
  • Are less likely to cause stinging than creams

The Australian Therapeutic Guidelines recommend using an ointment rather than a cream for eczema (atopic dermatitis). Speak to your doctor or pharmacist, who will decide whether Sigmacort 1% Ointment is right for you.


icon no preservatives

No preservatives

icon strong effect

Stronger effect vs cream

icon hand

Less likely to sting


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