Insect bites
and stings

Insect bites and stings

Most insect bites or stings will cause some form of lump or rash to develop. Although these are usually only localised reactions and settle down within a few days, they can be painful and very itchy.

For minor allergic reactions, applying a cold pack and a soothing cream or ointment, such as Sigmacort, can help relieve the itchiness and redness left by insect bites and stings.

Insect bites and stings usually cause minor skin irritations that clear up after a few days, but they can also cause allergic reactions, which can be severe in some people (anaphylaxis) – and it’s important to seek immediate medical help when this happens. It’s less common for an insect bite to cause anaphylaxis than insect stings.

Types of allergic reaction to watch out for:

  • Localised allergic reaction — an insect bite rash or swelling around the bite or sting site
  • Generalised allergic reaction — red skin swellings, rash or hives on areas away from the original bite or sting
  • Severe allergic reaction — symptoms can include difficulty breathing or talking, swelling of the tongue or throat, wheezing and dizziness. Bees stings, wasp stings and Australian Jack Jumper ant stings are the most common causes of severe allergic reactions.

Whether its ant bites, mosquito bites or fly bites — they all usually leave a puncture mark from the insect’s mouth parts. The skin around the bite mark becomes irritated, inflamed and a lump or blister can develop.

Insect stings can also leave a puncture mark in the skin — although sometimes the sting remains imbedded and needs to be gently scraped away (without squeezing). Stings can leave you with a painful, burning sensation and the area can become very swollen and red.

If you get bitten or stung, gently wash and dry the affected area and apply Sigmacort to help relieve mild symptoms such as itchiness, redness or swelling. You can also apply a cold pack and your pharmacist may recommend an antihistamine. If the swelling becomes painful or covers a large area you may need to visit your doctor for treatment.

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